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1.) May we purchase one or one of each flavor?

Unfortunately not due to being a small batch bakery.

2.) What types of milk/milk alternatives are used?

Milk/Milk Alternatives can be modified based on client needs.

3.) Do your sprinkles contain artificial dyes?

No, Our Rainbow Sprinkles are Dye Free

4.) Are you nut free?


5.) Can you freeze the donuts?

Yes. In an air tight container. Will last approximately 3 months.

6.) Do you make special diet donuts?

We have limited options for Keto and Sugar Free

7.)How long will the donuts last at room temperature?

As a result of no preservatives, We suggest 3-5 days in an airtight container.

8.) Do you make cookies & cakes?

Yes, we make small simple cakes, as well as bundtlet size cakes. We also make cookies

9.) Do you take cash or credit?

We're able to process all major credit cards & cash onsite when picking up. Online Ordering is credit card friendly.

10.) Do you accept large orders? 

50% of amount is due on the day of ordering, and 2 weeks before product pickup or delivery the remainder is due. (Minimum 72 hour notice required for large orders)

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