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Our Bakery

Kre8tive Bites has been a long time coming for owner Robyn King. It came about as the result of her own allergies to food, her passion for baking and working with special needs children for the past 18 years. When she found out that there was a program that allowed her to bake donuts from home she was thrilled. Since each child is unique in their needs, Robyn thought she might be able to brighten their day with something that they can eat along with the family and not feel different, because they couldn't eat the same food as everyone else. Some cannot have sugar, eggs, dairy, wheat to name a few. Their individual sensitivities urged her to find alternative products that could make tasty items for them too. As a result of these requests , KRE8TIVE BITES uses organic colors as much as possible, only gluten free flours, dairy free butters, milk alternatives, natural flavors, soy free sprinkles, aluminum free baking powder, organic/natural as well as sugar free sweeteners when requested. We may have left out a few but you get the idea. All requests are made to order. Normally there is 24 hour turn around but exceptions are made on a case basis. There are no donuts laying around except the ones in product testing.

Hopefully, this gives you some insight as to why the idea of Kre8tive Bites was baked up. Since this is an ever changing industry, thank you in advance for your input. It is truly appreciated. Everyone here at Kre8tive Bites is on board to help you enjoy your sweet pleasures one bite at a time. 


Thank you,

Kre8tive Bites 

License #PR00 72699

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